County Medical health insurance policies fill a gap between a struggling NHS and a private medical insurance market aimed mainly at the corporate sector.

County Medical prioritises individuals and small businesses, people who care about the health of their families but who demand value for money and a high quality of service. As a doctor run organisation, it is at the point of use that you will appreciate our strength in terms of support, flexibility and clarity.
Our aim is to be there for you at your time of need.




County Medical was formed by a group of senior doctors to whom the challenges being faced by the NHS have been apparent for some time.   Waiting times and cancellations will continue to rise as the NHS struggles financially. However, few patients can afford delays to their treatment.

In future, private medical treatment will become more common and people will need private health insurance.  This has, until now, been generally regarded as something for very wealthy individuals and large corporate organisations as the policies can often be prohibitively expensive. We don’t think this needs to be the case and have designed a product which is competitively priced, provides high-quality support and sits comfortably alongside the NHS.

As a doctor run organisation, we know the importance of good medical care and how to deliver it.

We’re led by DOCTORS

Which means we understand exactly what’s involved in delivering first-class medical care to our policyholders – and we base our service around it.


We’re regionally focused

Which means we’re aware of the healthcare facilities that are close to you so we’re better positioned to help you.


We provide full nationwide access to the bmi network

Which means we can guide and support you in complex situations when you use our networked facilities.

We’re transparent

Our list of procedures is readily available so you know what you are covered for. This list covers an overwhelming range of procedures that are carried out routinely under private medical insurance schemes. Procedures that you are unlikely to have done privately, or are better off being treated for on the NHS, are excluded so that you can save on your premium.