Before you apply for a County Medical policy please take a moment to decide which underwriting option you prefer.


Unless otherwise specified in the policy certificate, you will not be covered for pre-existing conditions (or related medical conditions) that you have suffered from in the five-year period prior to your commencement date.

You will be covered for claims related to these pre-existing conditions and related medical conditions once you have been free of symptoms, treatment and advice for two continuous years from your commencement date.


Should you prefer this option then you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire asking you about the medical history for yourself or any other applicants. If you answer yes to any of these questions then your application will be reviewed and we will advise you of any exclusions that are required.

If you decide to proceed your policy schedule will show exclusions for any conditions that are deemed to relate to pre-existing conditions based on the information that you have provided. Your policy schedule will also show whether we can remove the exclusion after a period of time.


Please note that you must pay the first £100 of the first claim in each policy year.