Like all health insurance plans, there are some things that your membership doesn’t cover. The main exclusions are explained here but a full list can be found in our policy terms and conditions.

Your plan does not Cover

Treatment of medical conditions you had, or had symptoms of, before you joined.

Any treatment in the Accident & Emergency department stabilised and further management deferred as a planned procedure

Treatment of ongoing, recurrent and long-term conditions (chronic conditions).

Treatment of Cancer. If you have selected the optional cancer coverage then we will however pay cash benefits as shown above.

Kidney dialysis

Organ transplant

Cosmetic or lifestyle surgery

Drug or substance abuse

Professional and semi- professional sports

Any obesity surgery

Self-inflicted injuries

Sexually transmitted diseases

Congenital or genetic disorders

Mental health and behavioural disorders

Procedures on children under 2 years.

Routine pregnancy and childbirth.

Any treatment undertaken outside the United Kingdom (unless agreed in advance)

Professional and semi- professional sports

Complimentary medicine

Dental treatment

Experimental or unproven treatment


Infertility or contraception

Prevention and Surveillance –

Routine eye care

Out-patient drugs, dressings or medical appliances

Unauthorised claims, unless pre-approved by us

Activities not directly related to your treatment – such as any report writing or provision of certificates